Golden Mountain Doodle Adoption: Find Your Perfect Companion

Golden Mountain Doodle adoption

Now that you're sold on the Golden Mountain Doodle, where do you find one for adoption?

The first breeder of the Golden Mountain Doodle was Swiss Ridge Kennels in 2013. For some time, there were few GMD breeders to be found. Suddenly, as the Golden Mountain Doodle celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we’re starting to see an increase in the availability of the breed. Maybe word is getting out that this is really a perfect cross-breed, resulting in a loyal, trainable, lovable, often hypoallergenic and non-shedding, and possibly gorgeous, companion pet! If you’re considering a Golden Mountain Doodle, where should you look?

You will likely adopt a GMD from either a kennel or a home-breeder, although there is a third manner of breeding GMDs that not everyone knows about: the “puppy mill[1].” Sometimes licensed as a kennel, and sometimes not, the puppy mill is concerned with pumping out as many puppies as they can, as fast as possible. They typically don’t breed only one type of dog, but will advertise several.

Facilities that we’d categorize as “puppy mills” typically don’t have their own Web sites and sometimes don’t even have a Facebook page. They may advertise in local newspapers, but typically they just act as a “wholesale distributor,” selling their puppies at relatively low prices to “brokers” who then advertise them in various ways in local markets. Sometimes they are sold to pet stores. Puppy mill conditions are typically deplorable, and treatment of parent dogs and puppies is neglectful at best and inhumane at worst.

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Puppy mill puppies are typically separated from their Mamas and even their siblings early on. They do not get a whole lot of human contact, either. So they are often anxious or fearful and sometimes just “clingy.” Since it’s a matter of incorrect nurture from the start, there may not be a way to simply “train” your puppy out of these behaviors.

All of this to say, do your due diligence in determining just how your puppy has been raised. Is the litter of puppies from the guy down the road sourced from a puppy mill, and is he just the middle-man putting a friendly face on improper breeding practices? Sounds extreme, and most times this is not the case, but it’s good to ask questions of your breeder and visit their facility or home if possible. This is where it’s also telling whether or not they have a Web site, reviews somewhere on the Internet, consistent means of communication, and so on.

A kennel can be a healthy and quality environment to raise any puppies, including Golden Mountain Doodles. However, one shortcoming on the side of kennels is that there is often not enough attention given to proper socialization of puppies. A professional breeder concerned with raising quality dogs will know how important this is, and your job when looking for a puppy is to try and discern what kind of beginning your puppy has had.

One complaint about home-raised puppies (and why some breeders are derisively referred to as “backyard breeders”) is because this type of breeder may not really know the ins and outs of best breeding practices, may not health test their parent dogs, and may not do much more than, well, raise the puppies in their home. This can provide a good overall start in terms of socialization for your puppy, but it may not be the best in the long run in terms of your puppy’s health.

early socialization for your GMD
One advantage to home-raised puppies is that they are usually well-socialized

If you choose this option, be sure to ask good questions, look for reviews, if possible, and don’t proceed unless you have full confidence with your choice. If you’re looking for listings on puppy Web sites,[2] keep in mind that GMDs may have to be advertised as either “Goldendoodles” or “Bernedoodles,” since conglomerate Web sites often do not have a category yet for the GMD.

Although Facebook prohibits sales of animals on its forum, they do not necessarily prohibit advertising, so you may see ads for GMD puppies on Facebook. By necessity, however, there will be no mention of them being “for adoption,” or mention of price, in any ads you might see. Be leery of Facebook pages titled “Doodle Puppies for Adoption,” or something similar; they are rarely legitimate. However, there are now Golden Mountain Doodle groups on Facebook where you can look for information on the breed and perhaps see if there are any breeders in your area.

While it may be difficult to find a GMD at the moment, hopefully if you are one of the many who have realized the possibilities inherent in this beautiful cross-breed, you will persist in looking around until you find your ideal Golden Mountain Doodle!

Good puppies can come from both home and kennel environments, and which one you prefer is entirely up to you to choose. Our job is to help you to be aware of how your puppy may be raised for its first eight weeks, and to understand the significance of the choices that are made during that pivotal time period in your puppy’s development.

Once you’ve settled the issue of kennel vs. the home-breeder, how does one find a Golden Mountain Doodle puppy for adoption, since they are really only beginning to grow in popularity? Some breeders may advertise in their local newspapers (either in print or online). Some may put out signs in a local area. Of course, most of these methods of advertising are hit-or-miss, so you won’t necessarily be able to find a GMD locally just because you’ve decided you want one.

The Internet is, of course, the vehicle of choice for finding just about everything these days. In the case of buying a puppy, there can be some uncertainty about adopting if you can’t get your “hands on” in the process. It is possible, though, to find a local breeder through an Internet search or an online site. (We offer a Golden Mountain Doodles Breeders’ List as a starting point for your search.)


[2] While there are many puppy-selling Web sites out there, some are too new to be able to offer a recommendation for them. While we hesitate to endorse any, two of the more established sites are Greenfield Puppies and Remember that these sites allow many breeders to advertise on their forum. It is up to you to verify the integrity of the individual breeder you choose.

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