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Contact us via email with article submissions or cute GMD photos.

If you have a question about the Golden Mountain Doodle, a great idea for an article, a photo to share, or a comment about our Web site, email us at admin @ (Remove spaces when copy/pasting to email.)

If you are a Golden Mountain Doodle owner or breeder, we would love for you to share your favorite GMD photos so we can add some variety and interest to our site with quality images. We can give an image credit to your site under the photo if you would like, or caption it with relevant info that you (as an owner) would like to see. Just let us know! Contact us by email at the address above. We prefer photos of puppies 4+ months of age.

If you are a Golden Mountain Doodle breeder, vet, groomer, or other service provider/professional and would like to submit an informational article for consideration, please review our Writer’s Agreement. If you agree with the terms set forth in our Agreement, you may submit your article as a Word document via the email above.

If you submit an article, we have every intention of contacting you to let you know the status of your submission. However, we do not have a timeline for responding, so please be patient.

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