Photo Gallery: Check out the Adorable Array of GMD Possibilities!

GMD photo gallery

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive GMD photo gallery so that people interested in this gorgeous breed can see all the options available.

Golden Mountain Doodle Gallery

Currently, the majority of photos in our gallery appear courtesy of the Golden Mountain Doodle Community.

Phantom, Tri-Color, and Sable

Frankie, Phantom GMD
Frankie, medium Phantom
Bogey, Phantom GMD
Bogey, medium/standard Phantom (appears weakly furnished)
Mini unfurnished Phantom
Mini, unfurnished Phantom
Jax, mini Phantom
Jax, mini Phantom
mini Phantom GMD
Mini Phantom
Freddy, mini Phantom
Freddy, mini Phantom
mini Phantom GMD
Grizz, mini Phantom
Bubbles, appears to be medium Phantom
Bubbles, appears to be medium Phantom
Gus, standard tri-color
Gus, standard tri-color (appears weakly furnished)
Melo, mini tri-color phantom
Melo, mini tri-color
medium tri-color
Oscar, Medium tri-color
Trinity, unfurnished
Trinity; mini, unfurnished tri-color
Jasper, mini tri-color
Jasper, mini tri-color
standard, unfurnished tri-color GMD
Enzo & Nollie; standard, unfurnished tri-color
mini tri-color GMD
Maple, mini tri-color
mini tri-color GMDs
Bear & Bailey, mini tri-color
Gibson, mini Sable
Gibson, mini Sable
GMD Breeders' List
Mini Sable, unfurnished
Otto, mini sable
Otto, mini sable
Rosie sable mini
Rosie, mini sable

Red and Golden

Bunker, golden medium
Bunker, medium Golden
Olive, medium Golden & white
Olive, medium Golden & white
medium ginger & white
Medium ginger & white
Grooming according to coat type
Olive (standard red & white) and Ivy (medium Golden)
Standard ginger/red & white GMD
Standard ginger/red & white
Medium Golden tuxedo
River; Medium Ginger & white, unfurnished GMD
River; unfurnished Ginger & white
Lincoln, golden (appears medium/standard)


King Theo, ginger & white parti
King Theo, medium ginger & white parti
tri-color parti, mini
mini tri-color parti
medium black & white parti
Medium black & white parti
Lilly, mini tri-color parti
Lily, mini tri-color parti
Unfurnished black & white parti GMD
Unfurnished parti, black & white
mini Merle & white parti GMD
Mini Merle & white parti
Golden & white Parti
Medium/standard ginger & white parti
Spot, mini tri-color parti
Spot, mini tri-color parti

Black/Black & White, Tuxedo

Medium Black GMD
Blossom, medium black
standard black GMD
Molly & Jackson, Standard Black (some silvering/color change with age)
Jett, mini black & white
mini tuxedo GMD
Bingo, mini tuxedo
tuxedo GMD
Tux, mini tuxedo
medium black GMD
Domino, medium black
tuxedo, appears medium/standard
Luna, med/standard Tuxedo (could be faded/silvered tri-color)
medium black GMD
Huckleberry, medium black


Banks, medium Merle
Banks, mini Merle
Chazz,, mini phantom Merle
Chazz, mini Phantom Merle
Cooper, medium Merle & white
Cooper, medium Merle & white
Artham, mini Merle & white
Artham, mini Merle & white
Lottie, standard Merle
Phantom Merle GMD
Zara, Phantom Merle (size unknown)
Merle GMD
Mini/Medium Merle
medium/standard Merle GMD
Medium/Standard Merle
Bubba, Phantom Merle
Bubba, Phantom Merle (size unknown, approx. 6 months at time of photo)


Mia, unfurnished
Mia; unfurnished, red & white medium
Trinity, unfurnished
Trinity; unfurnished, mini tri-color
Mini unfurnished Phantom
mini unfurnished Phantom
Jasper; mini, unfurnished tri-color
unfurnished mini GMD
unfurnished, black mini
GMD Breeders' List
Unfurnished, mini sable
mini black & white GMD
Sully; unfurnished mini black & white

If you are a Golden Mountain Doodle owner or breeder and would like to contribute to our gallery, send quality photos to
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We prefer photos of puppies of ages above 12 weeks. We can caption with a photo credit or other info if you would like to specify that in your email.

Thanks for sharing your GMD love!

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