Unearthing the Unique Attributes of the Golden Mountain Doodle

unique attributes of GMDs

Golden Mountain Doodle owners reveal some of the attributes that make their dogs special!

Every dog breed has its well-known traits, and then there are the little idiosyncrasies that owners often figure out by trial-and-error over time. Thanks to the Golden Mountain Doodle Community, we’re able to share some of the GMD-specific attributes that owners there have noted about their dogs.

One thing some owners mention is that their dogs tend to run “hot.” (This propensity probably comes from the Bernese mountain dog, which is also known to prefer cooler temperatures.) Once things start heating up, GMDs may look for a cool tile floor, air conditioning floor vent, or a place in front of a fan. 

Many owners opt for a close shave or a shorter “summer cut” as temps go up, even if they might normally prefer the “floofy” look. Some try out gel cooling mats (afflink) or put ice in their dog’s water; contrary to a one-time Internet myth, this is not dangerous).[i] Many GMDs also enjoy swimming!

Perhaps as a result of running hot, GMDs also tend to drink a lot, at least according to owners’ opinions. At all times, and especially during warm weather, it’s important to keep your dog’s bowl full of fresh, clean water. Dehydration contributes to many health problems and things can escalate quickly on hot days if your dog doesn’t get enough to drink.

Doodles in general are known to be tempted by paper products (paper towels, toilet paper,…homework?!) as well as socks, underwear, and other items that can be dangerous if swallowed. More than one Doodle owner has brought their dog in for an emergency vet visit for a bowel obstruction, which is not only scary and expensive, but also potentially fatal. Keep an eye on your environment and keep these items out of reach of your GMD. In this case, it’s probably easier to train the owner(s) than the dog!

While on the subject of the GI tract, many Doodles in general tend to have sensitive stomachs. GMD owners have shared their trial-and-error in finding just the right dog food that will eliminate the chronic loose stool that can indicate a food sensitivity. A vet is a good place to start if you need advice in this area; it’s always good to test for common issues like giardia before you rush to the assumption that your dog’s stool problem is a food-related issue. 

If tests come back clear, some GMD-owner recommendations include eliminating chicken-based food brands, or finding a dog food with a lower percentage of protein. Dog probiotics or pumpkin puree added to food have also been suggested as helpful.  Every dog is different, and owners have all found different brands and dietary “tweaks” that have worked for them. If you are changing up your dog’s food, try to mix old and new foods for a while to give your dog’s tummy time to adjust.

 (Amazon Affiliate links to a few food and probiotic options recommended by the Golden Mountain Doodle Community; article continues below.)

While not specific to the Golden Mountain Doodle, aggressive chewing has been noted among many GMD owners as well. Some recommended chews include (affliate links): Kong toys, Yak chews, Benebones, and deer antlers. Exercise caution in choosing toys for your GMD, especially those that may be a hazard if splintered, ripped apart (think stuffing), or swallowed. 

Even if your dog has not been an aggressive chewer, it is wise to choose safe, long-lasting toys. Having a long-lasting chew option will keep your dog focused, mentally stimulated, and expending energy in a healthy way, rather than engaging in destructive or undesirable behaviors.

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