Essential Questions to Ask Your Breeder Before Making a Puppy Commitment

Questions for your breeder

We've compiled a list of questions to make it easier for you to interview a breeder.

We’ve written at length about how to choose a puppy (and what to look for in a breeder) if you’re hoping to adopt a Golden Mountain Doodle puppy. Here’s a quick check list of some questions you can ask if you are interviewing breeders. Choose those that are most relevant to you and will help you in your pursuit of the “ideal puppy.”


About the breeder/breeding program
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What types of puppies do you breed?
  • Approximately how many puppies/litters do you have each year?
  • Are your puppies raised in the home or in a kennel environment?
  • Are puppies well-socialized? (How long do puppies stay with their Mama and litter mates? Describe your socialization efforts. Do puppies interact with children or other dogs?)
  • Do you begin potty training or offer any early training?
  • How much do your puppies cost?
  • What are your prices and policies regarding delivery or pick up?
  • Do you welcome visitors? Can I pick a puppy in person?
  • If a “virtual” purchase: can you do a video call? Send regular photos and videos?
  • How can we communicate (email, text, social media)?
  • Do you have any publicly available reviews about your business or puppies? (Can I contact previous customers for references?)

About the puppy
  • What is the puppy’s schedule for de-worming and vaccination? At what age will he be vet-checked?
  • Do you begin potty training?
  • Is the puppy indoors until adoption day, or does he go outside?
  • How big is my puppy expected to get?
  • Are puppy parents health tested or OFA tested?
  • What is your puppy hygiene routine? (bathing, brushing, and nail clipping, for example)
  • What is the puppy’s temperament like (quiet, active, laid-back, shy)?
  • How big is the puppy expected to be? (What are parent weights? Do they have previous litters where weight of adult dogs is known?)
  • Are there any potential health issues to be aware of?
  • Is the puppy with Mama and litter mates until adoption day?
  • How does the puppy do with people (and other pets, if applicable)?
About breeder policies
  • Do you offer a health and/or genetic guarantee? (What are the terms of the guarantee? What is and is not covered?)
  • Do you require a deposit? (How much? Is the deposit refundable?)
  • Are there any additional fees (registration, delivery, taxes)?
  • Do you offer any value-adds like microchip and registration, beginning training, puppy gift bag, etc.?

Choosing a reputable breeder will help you in your quest to find a healthy, well-socialized puppy. If you’re looking for a Golden Mountain Doodle, the Facebook Golden Mountain Doodle Community may be a good place to start. No matter how good things look, it’s up to you to confirm the legitimacy of your breeder and choose the puppy that is best for you.

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