Maximizing Exercise and Play Opportunities for your Golden Mountain Doodle

Puppies at play

Make play a regular part of your Golden Mountain Doodle's routine.

The Golden Mountain Doodle has the poodle, the Bernese mountain dog, and the golden retriever in its lineage, each with a different level of energy, need for exercise, and recommended level of mental stimulation (which can be partially satisfied through play).

The poodle is considered to be a moderate-to-high energy dog, requiring regular walking, exercise, or physical activity each day. While some dogs do well playing around in the back yard by themselves, a poodle is a little different; not just because of its need for activity, but because of its need for mental stimulation. The fact that the poodle is highly intelligent and easily trainable means that its mind needs exercise just like its body does. Without some daily training paces and mental stimulation (typically through specific types of toys), a poodle is prone to anxiety or destructive/undesirable behaviors.

The Bernese mountain dog, bred as a working dog in outdoor environments, also requires a certain level of mental stimulation and definitely plenty of opportunity for exercise because of its inbred desire to be active through work. While a Bernese does not typically require the training and mental stimulation of a poodle, every dog will benefit from being put through some basic training paces on a regular basis. The Bernese is a very social animal and particularly enjoys being around people, so long periods alone are not recommended, and walks, hikes, or games of fetch are ideal for this breed.[1]

Bred as a working dog, the golden retriever is also known to be an active breed with consistent need for activity and exercise. Highly intelligent like the poodle, the retriever also needs a certain level of mental stimulation in order to behave at its best.

Both the Golden Mountain Doodle dog and its owner will benefit from investing in some basic training and going through some repetitive “training paces” each day. A larger, fenced back yard is ideal, but if not an option, walks (preferably both morning and evening) should be part of the daily routine. Your GMD may enjoy playing fetch or frisbee, (recommended play products in another post), going up and down stairs, playing with children, and hiking.

Toys and activities that provide mental stimulation will also benefit your GMD. This can come through play with another dog (play dates or doggy day card), puzzle toys, lick mats, chew toys, and learning tricks.[2]

As you can see, the cross-breed of the poodle, Bernese mountain dog, and golden retriever will result in a Golden Mountain Doodle that needs a certain amount of regular exercise and will benefit from consistent mental stimulation. However, cross-breeding also may take the edge off of some of the breed-specific characteristics that can be less-than-desirable. The benefits of the Golden Mountain Doodle certainly are worth the investment of time and effort that go into training and exercise.

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